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16 things that will increase the safety of the children in the car

buckle upStatistics show that the safety seat reduces the risk of injury about 70% to the infants and  50% of the older children  learn more safety program

The cars we need and use every day: go to work, to markets, to deliver the children to school, kindergarten, swimming, hanging out with their friends, holiday picnics and many other things. Here, I want to discuss about child safety in the car learn about education program Continue reading

We Play Together

Preschool children always are active. It is very important to play with your child.

In daily communication it would be nice, to enter the games which will cause your child’s interest and stimulate his mental development.

Children in winter days, a little time spent outside, it is necessary to have them play at home. There are many games that children would gladly play with you.

I recommended one

hand shadow puppets

 Playing with shadows:

In this game you need

First:          smooth surface (wall in the living room)

Second:    battery or night lamp

Rules:       Rules for   this game are only your imagination.

If Your Child Is Preschool Age

Dear parents and all of you who respect children and do everything for their happiness. You see a site that is only open for you.

Family preschool child

Parents should be responsible for his decision to have a child, even when it’s not planned. It’s not your alibi for negligence. Consequences of the proceedings must be submitted. The biggest responsibility of parents is their children. No unacceptable any excuses. To be aware of their own making is the highest level of each person. So disregard the consequences of their own decisions is shameful.

if you want to learn about We Play Together, please read my post

So do not leave your child without your care. In early age it is totally dependent on your care and dedication. Your child needs and deserves to be happy. Your child will be happy only if it has your love. Especially in pre-school age child most intensively developed its intellectual and social abilities and skills.

care for your child

It will help you in your efforts to select multiple ways to develop their potentials since an early age. Preschool time is the almost important to the development of the kids .

play with your child

At this age kids are acquiring with the almost important intellectual and physical abilities Each child will make most development at an early age if all the skills you learn through play. Here you have a choice of different exercises, assignments, games for outdoors and games at home (indoors).

Do not forget: Play with your child.

Do You Play With Your Child ?

We all know that young children most of all want to play.

child play with parents

Therefore, this sole interest of theirs, needs to be used in every aspect in the process of their development. Through play children are developing their motor movements, easier find friends, encourage creativity and  logical thinking.

child at play

It is very important for parents to use the game for their child’s proper development. It is very easy to understand how much it is important if we know that, children choose the game voluntarily planned and spontaneous. Many  times their games are creative because it involves problem solving, learning new words and enrich communication.


Games must  be simple and last a short time. This is good because parents can play with the kids even if they have lesser free time to spare. It’s a quality time spent and it’s good fun as well. The benefits of the play time are invaluable to the overall development of your child from a very early age.